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Posted: December 05, 2022


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‘M’ is for ‘Moose’ – the newest letter added to NH ‘Moose Plate’ combinations

To keep up with demand for New Hampshire’s popular Conservation License Plate – fondly referred to as the “Moose Plate” – a new letter has been added to plate combinations.

“M” is the fourth letter to be part of the number/letter combinations that are used on Moose Plates. When Conservation License Plates were first issued, the letter “C,” for “conservation,” was part of each standard five-digit number combination. When “C” plate combinations were no longer available, “H,” for “heritage,” took their place followed by “P,” for “preservation,” in 2018. 

“M” represents “Moose” on plates currently being issued.

The Moose Plate program has raised more than $30 million dollars since the first plates were issued in December 2000. Fourth grade students from Holderness Central School started the idea for the Moose Plate program in 1993; 2023 will mark the 25th anniversary of the legislation that officially established the program. 

Every dollar raised through the sales of Moose Plates goes directly to designated programs that support a wide variety of conservation, heritage and preservation programs in New Hampshire, including studying rare native plants, working to protect endangered species, securing conservation easements, preserving publicly owned historic properties and artifacts, and planting wildflowers along New Hampshire highways. All 10 New Hampshire counties have benefitted from Moose Plate funds.

Moose Plates may be purchased at city and town clerks’ offices when registering a car or truck. The annual cost for a Moose Plate is $30; the first year requires a standard $8 plate purchase fee. Vanity Moose Plates and combination Moose / New Hampshire State Parks plates are also available for additional charges. 

Granite State artist Jim Collins’ illustration of a moose won a design contest for the plate, which also includes New Hampshire’s motto “Live Free or Die” and a stacked “C” and “H” to the right of the moose.

Detailed information about the Moose Plate program, including a map of projects receiving funds and downloadable gift card holders, can be found at as well as on Facebook and Twitter.