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Shelly Angers, N.H. Department of Natural & Cultural Resources
Twitter: @NHDNCR

NH historic property records now available online

The New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources has launched a new online tool for historic resource records research. The Enhanced Mapping and Management Information Tool, EMMIT, provides more than 16,000 documents on file at the NHDHR related to the state’s historic and archaeological resources, and uses Geographic Information System technology to pinpoint locations of historic resources.

EMMIT is an invaluable support tool for anyone interested in the state’s history and its historic places. Researchers, local preservation commissions, cultural resource consultants, planners, public agencies, and engineering, environmental, land use and development firms can all benefit from EMMIT’s online accessibility, via subscription, without taking a trip to DHR’s Concord office.

“Today, history and technology go hand-in-hand,” said NHDHR Director and State Historic Preservation Officer Elizabeth Muzzey. “The Division’s dedicated staff members brought their many professional talents together to make this innovative and important project a reality.

“We are proud to offer this new service to New Hampshire’s preservation community and to anyone who is interested in the state’s special historic places.”

Documents are available as downloadable PDFs and include both National and State Register of Historic Places nominations, historic districts, individual inventory surveys, project area forms and more. Archaeological site forms and survey reports are also available, but with limited access due to the sensitive nature of archaeological sites.

Photographs, maps and other images associated with the documents available via EMMIT can also be downloaded from the online service.

Users can search for New Hampshire historical properties by defining specific historical data criteria such as property name, address or town, or by selecting specific locations on the map.

EMMIT is the only online, up-to-date, comprehensive inventory of the state’s historic and archaeological resources. However, the identification of historic places in New Hampshire is an ongoing initiative, and many of the state’s historic, architectural and archaeological resources have not yet been identified. Hundreds of new records are submitted to the DHR annually; EMMIT will be updated on a regular basis throughout year as new records are submitted.

EMMIT’s subscription fees vary depending on the type of organization, number of user accounts and the length of the subscription.

EMMIT’s development was funded in part by that National Park Service, Department of the Interior through the Emergency Supplemental Historic Preservation Fund and the State of New Hampshire’s Conservation License Plate Fund.

More information about EMMIT can be found at emmit.dncr.nh.gov.

New Hampshire’s Division of Historical Resources, the State Historic Preservation Office, was established in 1974 and is part of the NH Department of Natural and Cultural Resources. NHDHR’s mission is to preserve and celebrate New Hampshire’s irreplaceable historic resources through programs and services that provide education, stewardship, and protection. For more information, visit us online at nh.gov/nhdhr or by calling 603-271-3483.