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Shelly Angers, N.H. Department of Natural & Cultural Resources
Twitter: @NHDNCR

NH’s ‘Moose’ license plates top $25 million lifetime sales

The New Hampshire Conservation and Heritage License Plate program, affectionately known as the “Moose Plate” program, has announced it has raised $25 million since the first plate was sold in December 2000.

Every dollar raised through the sales of Moose Plates goes directly to designated programs that support a wide variety of conservation, heritage and preservation programs in New Hampshire, including planting wildflowers along New Hampshire highways, studying rare native plants, working to protect endangered species, securing conservation easements and preserving publicly owned historic properties and artifacts.

Projects in all 10 New Hampshire counties have benefitted from Moose Plate funds.

The annual cost for a Moose Plate is $30 – which works out to eight cents a day. Vanity Moose Plates, combination Moose/N.H. State Parks plates and vanity Moose/N.H. State Parks plates are also available for additional charges. Plates may be purchased at city and town clerks’ offices when registering a passenger motor vehicle or recreational vehicle.

The letters “C,” “H” and “P” in standard Moose Plate combinations stand for “conservation,” “heritage” and “preservation,” respectively.

Fourth grade students from Holderness Central School proposed the idea for the Moose Plate program in 1993. Legislation establishing the program passed in 1998.

More information about the Moose Plate program is available at mooseplate.com as well as on Facebook and Twitter.