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Shelly Angers, N.H. Department of Natural & Cultural Resources
Twitter: @NHDNCR

DNCR opens FY2020 ‘Moose Plate’ cultural conservation grant round

The N.H. Department of Natural and Cultural Resources is now accepting letters of intent for projects seeking funding from its Conservation License Plate fiscal year 2020 grant round.

DNCR “Moose Plate” grants support the restoration, preservation and / or conservation of publicly owned items significant to New Hampshire’s cultural heritage.

Three of the DNCR’s divisions – the Division of Historical Resources, the State Council on the Arts and the State Library – support grant programs through Moose Plate funding. Each division’s grant program has specific requirements.

Organizations seeking funding are required to submit a letter of intent by May 8. Letters must provide a brief description of the project and confirm that the resource is publicly owned. If a project fits a DNCR division’s program criteria, applicants wishing to pursue funding may choose to submit a full application by June 19. Applicants may only apply to one DNCR grant program in a given year.

Last year, 30 projects in nine New Hampshire counties received nearly $270,000 in DNCR grant funding. Projects included restoring a statue of General Stark, creating access to the University of New Hampshire’s Irma G. Bowen Textile collection through digitization, and conserving historic municipal records, including a town charter.

More information about each division’s specific grant program is available at dncr.nh.gov/moose_plate.

Each year, the DNCR receives a percentage of funds raised from the sales of Moose Plates. To help preserve the state’s cultural heritage, the department designates a portion of those funds for the conservation of cultural resources in New Hampshire.

Funds received by the DNCR also support its Division of Forests and Lands’ Natural Heritage Bureau and its Division of Parks and Recreation’s Historic Sites Bureau.

For more information about the Moose Plate Program, including how to purchase a Moose Plate, visit mooseplate.com.

The N.H. Department of Natural and Cultural Resources’ five divisions are dedicated to protecting, promoting and managing a wide variety of New Hampshire’s natural, recreational and cultural resources. Together, these resources help define our state and are major drivers of our economy and high quality of life. For more information, visit dncr.nh.gov.