2020-03-18: NH State Library suspends statewide Inter-library Loan service due to COVID-192020-03-18T08:46:12-04:00


Shelly Angers, N.H. Department of Natural & Cultural Resources
Twitter: @NHCulture

Lori Fisher, N.H. State Library

NH State Library suspends statewide Inter-library Loan service due to COVID-19

Due to the current State of Emergency directives in New Hampshire regarding COVID-19 and current Center for Disease Control recommendations regarding behaviors to stop the spread of COVID-19, the New Hampshire State Library will suspend its statewide inter-library loan operations beginning on March 18, with a projected end date of April 3.

Inter-library loan allows patrons to borrow items that may not be part of their own library’s collection but are available from another library in New Hampshire. The State Library coordinates this service; more than 500,000 items are delivered through inter-library loan in New Hampshire each year.

Van deliveries from the State Library to participating libraries throughout New Hampshire will cease during this time, and all online Inter-library Loan activities will be shut down as well.

Interrupting this service is an important step to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and reflects the current closed status of the many libraries across the state.

The State Library will re-evaluate the COVID-19 situation by April 3 to assess whether an extension of the inter-library loan service suspension is warranted at that time.

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